Bursar’s office

The diocesan bursar’s office ensures the proper management of diocesan material resources such as equipment and buildings (the diocesan center and the Maison Saint-Joseph), as well as financial resources.

It provides administrative support to the Diocesan Council for Economic Affairs (DCEA) and its Executive Committee and follows up on their decisions.

The office collaborates with the parish Fabrique councils in the administration of parish goods for the mission and in the spirit of co-responsibility. On an annual basis, training activities are offered for members of Fabrique councils.

The bursar’s office receives and approves the budgets and financial reports of the fifty-three (53) parishes of the diocese. It also ensures the follow-up of reviews by the diocesan authorities related to requests submitted by parishes regarding major repair work, important purchases, loans, long-term rentals, disposal of real estate, etc per the Fabrique Act and Ordinance III.

Finally, the office liaises with “l’assemblée des économes du Québec” and similar groups at a national level.

If you have any questions, please contact René Laprise, Diocesan bursar (819-771-8391, ext. 312).

Diocesan Conncil for Economic Affairs (DCEA)

The Diocesan Council for Economic Affairs is composed of volunteers recognised for their competence and their integrity. The DCEA advises the Archbishop on financial and economic matters, as required by canon and civil law. It assists the diocesan bursar in the preparation of the annual budget of the archdiocese. It reviews and approves major projects put forth by the parishes. Its advice and even its consent is necessary in more serious administrative questions.

Members of the Diocesan Council for Economic Affairs (DCEA)
  • Mgr Paul-André Durocher, archevêque et président
  • André Bouchard
  • Denis Raymond
  • François Pion
  • Danielle Perreault
  • Louis-Charles Sirois
  • Gérard Séguin
  • René Laprise, d.p., économe
  • Sophie Lamirande, secrétaire