The St-Joseph house

In 2014, the parish of St-Joseph Cathedral transferred its presbytery to the Archdiocese of Gatineau to be converted into a residence for priests. Today, the Maison St-Joseph, located at 245 boulevard St-Joseph in the Hull sector of Gatineau, welcomes a few priests and a retired layman. There are six small two-bedroom suites with bathroom, in addition to the common rooms: kitchen, dining rooms, living room, exercise room, laundry room, veranda and terrace. A cooking and cleaning service is provided. The Archbishop’s residence is integrated into the house, which allows him to take his meals with the other residents and to participate in fraternal life and times of prayer. By paying monthly rent, all residents contribute to the financing of the Maison St-Joseph.

Johnny Dargham, assistant administrator and cook at St. Joseph House

819 771-8391, poste 408

Originally from Lebanon, Johnny arrived in Quebec in October 2004 in Montreal. In 2006, he moved to Gatineau to work as a cook in a restaurant in the national capital. Johnny participated in training courses to improve his cooking skills. He has worked in many different types of restaurants which has improved his culinary skills. Since 2015, he has been busy preparing a variety of healthy meals for the residents of St. Joseph House for lunch and dinner. In addition, he makes sure to serve a variety of dishes from different countries while following the recommendations of the Canadian Food Guide. Johnny is also the assistant administrator of St. Joseph House since 2019.