Sing and walk

Archbishop Durocher’s coat of arms consists of a sword superimposed on an X-shaped cross. These two elements represent the two saints whose name he bears. The sword recalls the martyrdom of Saint Paul, who was decapitated by the Roman authorities because of his faith in Jesus-Christ. As for the X-shaped cross, it recalls Saint Andrew’s death. He was crucified on just such a cross.

The sword has another meaning, taken from the New Testament. In the letter to the Hebrews, we read that the Word of God is like a double-edged sword, it cuts to the depths of the heart. The sword on Archbishop Durocher’s coat of arms therefore calls to mind the Word of God, particularly the Gospel, which has penetrated to the depth of his heart and changed his life.

As for Saint Andrew’s cross, it brings to mind the cross of Jesus, symbol of the Paschal mystery whereby Christ saves us all in his death and resurrection.

His motto is « Canta et Ambula », a Latin expression which translates as ” Sing and walk ”. They are the concluding words of a sermon preached by Saint Augustine (354-430) one Easter Sunday, in which he said : « Let us sing Allelulia now, not to enjoy our rest, but to sustain our labours, as one sings on the road: ” Sing and Walk “.