Benefit concert for the 460

Young Adult Mission of the Sisters of Sainte-Marie de Namur

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Christmas and New Year's Mass Schedule - December 2019

Christmas and New Year's Mass Schedule - December 2019

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Christmas message from the Most Reverend Richard Gagnon President of de Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Dear Friends,
Reconciliation is a much used word in our present-day culture, but we seldom ponder in our hearts what a treasure and mystery reconciliation really is. In the Christmas season, its meaning and implications are vividly concrete as the birth of Christ brings a new light and a saving grace to our capacity to be reconciled and be reconcilers in our daily life.

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2019 Christmas message from Mgr Paul-André Durocher

To all the diocesans,

We live in a paradoxical world. On the one hand, the opportunity to travel makes the world smaller and helps us to discover that we are truly part of a global village. Electronic communication tools allow us to share our ideas and exchange with groups on several continents. On the other hand, more and more countries are erecting barriers to limit or prevent the free movement of people. Moreover, Internet forums are becoming more radical and become a place for the exchange of increasingly virulent and hurtful insults.

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How to live as a young Christian in today's world

The Youth Committee of Saint-Joseph Parish invites you to a discussion forum with young adults.

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