Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit?


How does God, this mystery which is the source of all things, which supports all things, to which all things tend, how does this God enter into a relationship with me?


Jesus taught us that in God, there is a Spirit that is like the breath of God, and that this Spirit can come within me and live in me if I open myself up to it, and invite it in.


This word, ‘spirit’, is related to the words ‘respiration’, ‘inspiration’, and ‘spiritual’. 


Originally, it meant ‘breath’; the Spirit of God is like the breath of God.


Jesus’ teachings say that this Spirit links itself to my inner self in order to light my way, guide me, give me the courage and the strength to answer it.


Jesus’ teachings say that this Spirit makes me able to really love, and live in justice.


Jesus’ teachings say that this Spirit can bring forth from me a great joy and peace that world events would never be able to take away.


What Jesus taught, the first disciples experienced after his resurrection.  They discovered in themselves a courage, an energy, and a joy that surpassed all their expectations.


For them, believing in Jesus wasn’t just an intellectual act, an adherence to a set of beliefs.  It was mostly the experience of a new source of inner life, as if they were being born anew.


The Spirit is not primarily a concept; it’s an unpredictable and life-giving power that takes hold of me and guides my life.


Jesus promises this Spirit to anyone who comes to him.