Travelers and pilgrims


Happy who, like Father Michel Lacroix, travels around the world, and returns convinced that he must keep on travelling!  At age 72, he who was able to conciliate his duties as a priest with his passion for the planet is planning to leave in July, with his backpack, for another round-the-world tour.  On the program: 35 countries and 6 dependencies, that will add themselves to the 144 countries and 35 dependencies already visited!


Et si Dieu se laissait découvrir aussi en voyage (1er partie)

Chronicle: What if God could also be discovered while on vacation (2nd part)

Another way God can make himself present to us is through the discovery of his creation.  The Earth is a collection of beautiful things that can arouse our wonder, our prayer of praise.  It could be the waterfalls in Plaisance or along the Coulonge River; the splendour of the St-Lawrence River; the natural beauty of the Charlevoix or the Gaspésie region; the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, or the majestic Rockies along the west coast of North America;

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What if God Could Also be Discovered While on travel (Part 3)

Of course, one of the best ways – but not always the most automatic – to discover God while on travel is through the people we meet, or who accompany us.  Allow me a few examples to illustrate: Thursday evening, August 21st, 2014, I arrive by plane on Mayotte Island, an island in the Comoros archipelago that chose to remain within the fold of France, and has become a French department.  A young 28-year-old man, Tony, accepted to accommodate me for free for five days.  He is young, vigorous, sympathetic and dynamic.  Within hours of us meeting, a friendship blossoms, in spite of the age difference – I was 72 years old at the time.  Tony suggests we go to a specific beach, to watch sea turtles lay their eggs during the night.  One problem: to get there, we need to scale a high mountain, which makes me hesitate.  However, Tony convinces me to go by saying he will help me up. To continue reading ...

what if God could also be discovered while travelling.

The feast of the baptism of Jesus makes me think of my own baptism that made me enter the great family of the disciples of Jesus-Christ.  This family, i met it many times while travelling, or at least, certain members of this family. To continue  reading