Diocese's pastoral regions

The diocesan chruch of Gatineau is organised in three important pastoral regions in addition to an english speaking region.


The pastoral units in our diocesan church

Given the need to restructure the parish resources, the diocese has promoted in recent years, the grouping of congregations to form pastoral units. A pastoral unit, comprises two, three or four parishes in the same territory in order to pool their human, pastoral and financial resources according to the mission. Legally, the grouped parishes remain legally constituted with a specific Frabique Council in each parish of the pastoral unit.

Central pastoral region

Responsable : Philippe Gendron, vicaire général


The areas of Gatineau, Cantley, Val-des-Monts

La Pointe' Pastoral Unity

La Rive's Pastoral Unity

St-Rose-de-Lima / St-Antoine-de-Padoue's Pastoral Unity

St. Elizabeth (anglophone)
Saint-Pierre de Wakefield
      - Local community of Saint-René-Goupil
      - Local community of Sainte-Maria-Goretti

Western pastoral region

Responsable : Philippe Gendron, General vicar


Aylmer's area

Hull's area

"Moyenne Gatineau"'s area

Pastoral unit Grande Rivière

Saint-Esprit Portuguese Mission
Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Portuguese Mission
Notre-Dame de l'Eau Vive
      - Local community Notre-Dame-de-la-Guadeloupe
      - Communauté Saint-Pierre-Chanel

Notre-Dame de l'Île
      - Communauté Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
      - Communauté Saint-Jean-Bosco

Saint-Clément (Desserte)
St. Stephen (francophone)

English speaking pastoral region

Responsable : Mgr Paul-André Durocher

This area spanned almost the entire geographical territory of the Diocese of Gatineau. We find English-speaking parishes in several municipalities.

Holy Cross (Mission), Low
Our Lady of Mount-Carmel (Mission), Kazabazua
Our Lady of Sorrows (Mission), Venosta
Our Lady of the Annunciation, secteur Hull
Our Lady of Victory, secteur Buckingham
St. Aloysius Gonzaga, secteur Gatineau
St. Camillus, La Pêche
St. Columban (Mission), secteur Gatineau
St. Elizabeth, Cantley
St. Malachy, Mayo
St. Mark The Evangelist, secteur Aylmer
St. Martin, Martindale
St. Stephen, Chelsea