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Novatio to support over 70,000$ in projects in 2023

Novatio to support over 70,000$ in projects in 2023

Press Release
February 20, 2023

Subject: Novatio to support over 70,000$ in projects in 2023

Gatineau, QC. – The Board of Directors of the Novatio Foundation has just announced that it will fund $71,270 in projects for its first year of operation. Following the call for projects launched last fall, the Foundation received about fifteen projects. Upon the recommendation of the Project analysis and selection committee, the Foundation's Board of Directors is pleased to be associated with the realization of 11 projects in the parishes and community organizations of the Archdiocese of Gatineau. Here is the list of organizations and projects that will be funded by Novatio:

•    L’Assomption-de-Marie Parish, Maniwaki: La soupe de l’amitié: a project whose mission is to offer soup to people who do not have enough to eat, to get people out of loneliness and to allow them to reestablish ties in the community.

•    Centre de sécurité alimentaire de Gatineau: a project to ensure that all people can, always and with dignity, secure a stable, culturally acceptable, affordable food supply that will allow them to lead a healthy and active life.

•    Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette Parish: a project to provide access to new technologies to reach families, seniors, youth, and newcomers in the community to develop evangelization programs.

•    L’Ange-Gardien Parish, Gatineau: a project to improve the parish facilities to reach out to youth and families through various activities.

•    Sainte-Trinité Parish, Gatineau: a project of a local and parish television channel for evangelization on the Web.

•    Table de concertation sur la faim et le développement social de l’Outaouais: a project for the linking and concertation of food in the Outaouais, especially between the various organizations, including those in parishes.

•    Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, Venosta: a project for a community gathering under the theme of "welcome" with the goal of bringing together people of all faiths and ages in a friendly, barrier-free environment.

•    Saint-Richard Parish, Gatineau: two projects, one for the evangelization of families and the other for socialization, fraternity, and welcoming migrants.

•    Notre-Dame de l’Eau Vive Parish: two projects, one for the pastoral care of young adults and the other for the welcome and integration of immigrant families.


In his letter addressed to the parishes and organizations that will be supported by the Foundation, the president of the Board of Directors, Mr. Richard Rochefort, mentioned that, thanks to the Novatio Foundation, the Archdiocese of Gatineau "wishes to realize its mission of renewing the energy of parishes and community organizations, so that they are out and about, at the heart of the world and the community."

This mission is realized through the projects that the Foundation is pleased to be associated with through its financial contribution. This contribution was made possible thanks to the generous donors of Novatio.

To donate to the Foundation, simply contact Novatio's management at 819-771-8391, extension 312 or

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