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The time of the faith

Publié le : 2017-04-21 a 00h00 | Catégorie : Diocese

The time of the faith

          What is faith? Can we have a clear and definitive definition of what it is in our lives? I do not believe so. What we can be sure, faith is a gift. A gift that can keep us rejoicing and praising at all times. It is not a matter of merit and there is no small or great faith. There is faith in each person that recognizes the presence of God. Like a ray of sunlight emerging from a gap in the clouds faith illuminates what surrounds us.

          The example of Thomas is rather eloquent. He was not present when Jesus came to see the disciples. He was a bit like us. ‘Until I see him, until I touch his wounds, I will not believe!’ Christ came to him. Thomas could only recognize what he was, Jesus, his Lord and his God. It was unnecessary to touch him, his presence invaded his soul at first glance. He no longer doubted that Christ had risen.

          We will not see Christ in the flesh like Thomas did. But his presence is real. It touches us through the persons we meet who are inhabited by him. We can feel his presence in their eyes, in their joy. We must take care of the faith given to us, by meditating God’s Word, opening our eyes to the Spirit actions within us and around us. Faith has to be cultivated on a daily basis. Otherwise, it will become like a gift left in a corner and forgotten. It is up to us to care for our faith so we can be the rays of the sun that pierce through the clouds for others around us.

          Let us be awake at all times so that our faith may always be a source of joy, consolation and mercy. May our faith stimulate us to be disciples who are anxious to do good. It was love that guided Jesus throughout his life. Let us follow him on this path and our faith will carry us farther than we could imagine.

Get up and walk in the path of the faith. One step at a time,

Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale