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Reflection for the 3ht Sunday of Advent

Publié le : 2016-12-09 a 00h00 | Catégorie : News, Parish

            OPEN OUR EYES

            Am I the only person who’s always being told to: «Open your eyes; it’s right there, under your nose! »

           Am I the only person who’s always being told to: «Open your eyes; it’s right there, under your nose! »  I don’t think so.  We sometimes have a habit of not seeing what is right in front of us.  Searching while forgetting to look, and barely glancing over things.  Maybe our head is filled with preoccupations, insecurities, things to plan for the upcoming holiday get-together.  The past, the future stops us from taking the time to contemplate what we are living now, today.

            We need patience if we want to learn how to open your eyes on things that only often let themselves be guessed at through subtle signs, in places where we don’t usually look. The Word invites us today to learn how to be patient.  Paul talks to us about the patience of the farmer who waits to reap what he has sown.  Being like farmers, and observing what is being born in our daily lives, through people that we meet.  Taking care of people who need assistance in making their gifts grow and flourish.  It takes a lot of patience to walk at the same rhythm as someone who is moving much slower.  But that’s what we need to do.  Stop our rat race to beat the time that is flowing through our fingers.  If we don’t do it, we will forget to open our eyes to see the signs of the presence of the Messiah, and of the coming of the Kingdom of God in our world.

Joy is mentioned a lot in the texts of this Sunday that we call the Sunday of Joy.  It is not important only to be patient; we must also open our eyes to contemplate the moments of joy that are given to us.  Living them in the present, rejoicing without worrying that they don’t last long enough.    Because each moment of joy well lived, each image contemplated with wonder and thanksgiving, will sustain us and keep us happy, even if we`re going through difficult times.  Let us be models of endurance and patience in the joy of the Risen Lord.  Thus, we will be able to see the presence of Christ around us, to welcome him into our lives, and to bear witness to it with hearts profoundly animated by his joy.

            Wishing you the joy of the beloved sons and daughters of God,


Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale