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Archbishop Durocher named diocesan administrator of Mont-Laurier

Publié le : 2019-07-11 a 03h13 | Catégorie : News, Communicated, Diocese

On Wednesday, July 10, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Paul Lortie, Bishop of Mont-Laurier, who has reached the age limit of 75 years. He has named Archbishop Paul-André Durocher of Gatineau as Apostolic Administrator of Mont-Laurier. Archbishop Durocher thus assumes all the responsibilities of the diocesan bishop of Mont-Laurier in addition to his pastoral duties in the Archdiocese of Gatineau.

As apostolic administrator, Pope Francis entrusted Bishop Durocher with the specific task of studying the possibility of reconfiguring the diocese of Mont-Laurier, a task that could well take a whole year. Archbishop Durocher counts on the understanding and prayer of all members of the Archdiocese of Gatineau as he shares his time and energies between the two dioceses for the coming months.