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5th Sunday of Easter

Publié le : 2017-05-11 a 00h00 | Catégorie : Diocese

He trusts us

          Jesus told his disciples that he was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The path that leads us to the Father, enables us to know Him. By his presence in the world, he makes God accessible to humanity. The words of Jesus, the things he does, the loving way he looks at people, all of this makes the Father nearer than ever before. Jesus, deeply inhabited by the Father, can show us his face.

          He shows us the way. He is our model. First, commitment to the Father and his project of love for us. A commitment that goes all the way, even onto death. A model of filial love by his words that present us a loving God who forgives all those who return to him. A teacher who brings us closer to God.

          Thanks to him, we can forget the God hidden in the Temple, who should not be approached for fear of dying. Now we can approach him. By his death-resurrection, this rejected stone that has become the corner stone, makes us living stones in the heart of the world. Stones that become, like Jesus, faces of love and messengers of the Good News.

          Christ trusts us and is present with us. Are we going to follow him? Are we going to trust him enough to go out into the world and open to our contemporaries the way to the Father? To take the first step would make us grow with and in him.



          Mary was a mother. She carried her son during her pregnancy. She felt his first kicks and movements in her womb. She gave birth. His time as a child was like no other one. She loved him as only a mother can love. She felt the pain of separation when he left to accomplish his mission. She knew he had to do it. She maybe even pushed him a little do to so. And her heart was pierced when he died on the cross. A real mother assuming all the emotions. The strongest of all, the love she bore him.

          Mothers are like that. Though they are not perfect, they have a bond of love that can transcend all suffering, forgive everything, a love that lasts until death. It is this love that we celebrate this second Sunday of May. We sometimes find that love too overpowering and at other times we need that discreet presence, a warm hug and shoulder to cry on.


Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale