Loving your Neighbour


"Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31)


Jesus tells us, the double commandment, loving God and neighbor, recaps all the law. It is the heart, the core of Christian life. "These two precepts," said St. Augustine, "must never be erased from your hearts!"

Our love for God can be an illusion if it does not translate into deeds, "deeds and truth," says St. John (1 Jn3,18).

Let us draw divine love from God through prayer, Scriptures and the sacraments. But let's not leave it at that! Let us free the impulse of generosity that union with Christ generates by reaching out to our brothers and sisters.

It is only by giving back to our neighbor the love received from God that this love becomes light and revelation. "It is by loving your neighbor that you deserve to see God," says St. Augustine.

Whatever our affinities and difficulties, let us love each other. Let us be for each other the revealers of God's love!

Inspired from a text by Olivier de Germay: Loving God or Neighbor


Learning to Love




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