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Complaints management

The Code of Ethics and Conduct


The Code of Ethics and Conduct identifies the core values that diocesan employees and volunteers must embody in their actions. 


Reference document 

The Diocesan Policy on Safe Environments provides a framework for the diocese's pro-active actions on harm prevention and complaint management. 

Resources for safe environments

The Safe Environment Coordinator is Chantale Duguay. She can be reached by e-mail at She assists the diocesan and parish teams in implementing the diocesan orientations for safe environments.

Report sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult 

To report the sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult by a priest or other parish or diocesan worker, contact Ms. Lise Duguay by telephone (819) 776-5112 or e-mail

You can consult the diocesan policy for the management of such a report, its summary and a flow chart describing the procedure for managing a complaint: 

Reporting harassment in the workplace 

To report a situation of harassment in the workplace (whether by an employee or volunteer, a member of the diocesan team or a member of a parish team), contact Ms. Jeannette Ndaya Tshibangu by telephone (819) 771-8391 ext. 310 or by e-mail

You can consult the diocesan policy for handling such reports here: 

Report other violations of the code of ethics and conduct 

To report any other violation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct (other than sexual abuse or harassment in the workplace), please contact Father Rodhain Kasuba by telephone (819) 771-8391 ext. 303 or by e-mail

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