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About the Vaccine Passport: Note from the AECQ

About the Vaccine Passport: Note from the AECQ

Good news: the statement released yesterday by the Ministry of Health specifies in full that the vaccination passport is not required for places of worship, wedding ceremonies, and funerals. Implicitly, this means that the activities of places of worship are not deemed "non-essential" by the government, as is the case with gyms, restaurants, and the like. It's already something ...

This means that the sanitary rules affecting places of worship remain the same:


Hand hygiene at the entrance, wearing a mask and two meters distance when traveling. Once seated, a distance of one meter if you are not singing, two meters, and wearing a mask if you sing. It is recommended to avoid travel during ceremonies.

 All the health rules to follow can be found here: 



250 people inside, 500 people outside



 250 people inside, 500 people outside

            Keeping a register is still mandatory


Choirs are allowed in places of worship. Members should respect a distance of 2 meters between themselves and if they sing in front of an audience, the distance should be greater than 2 meters.


Distance of ONE meter between people of different addresses when they remain in their place.

Distance of TWO meters when people of different addresses sing or talk.

 Therefore, the assembly can sing, but people must wear the mask when singing and stay 2meters  from each other.

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