2018 Synode on Young People

2018 Synod on Young People the Faith and Vocational Discernement

2018 Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment
The Church also wishes to listen to your voice, your sensitivities and your faith; even your doubts and your criticism. Make your voice heard, let it resonate in communities and let it be heard by your shepherds of souls. Pope Francis 

The Church has embarked on a new synodal process on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment to look at how she can lead young people to recognize and accept the call to the fullness of life and love, and to ask young people to help her in identifying the most effective ways to announce the Good News today.

An assembly of the synod is a meeting of bishops convened by the Pope to discuss a particular question.  Pope Francis chose the Family as the theme of his first and second synods. He has now called a third synod, on youth, for October 2018.
To launch the discussion with young people, a preparatory document was prepared.  This document contains important questions for people in leadership positions in the Church.  It invites us to reflect on how we engage young people.
But as Pope Francis says in his letter to young people, it is important to listen to young people themselves.  Pope Francis repeated this invitation in a recorded address to the young people of Canada.

Young people of Canada—and of Gatineau—speak out
In preparation for the 2018 Synod, Salt and Light Television organized a bilingual forum with youth across Canada to discuss the challenges facing youth in Canada, on October 22, 2017.   

Young people in our diocese are also invited to have their say.  In October 2017, Archbishop Paul-André Durocher had dinner with young adults at la Maison Hôte. 
Here are some of the subjects raised by the young people at that time:

  • Ask the Church to share her wisdom regarding money, social conscience, and the economy;
  • Create spaces to discuss current events (regarding issues such as money; the challenge of being a believer today; sexuality (is the Church’s position on these issues credible today?); welcoming of youth in a non-condemning way, as Jesus would do) in order to have a more sold Christian formation;
  • The importance of the environment (following the publication of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si ) 
  • A need to hear more about what the Church is doing to make our world a better place;
  • How do we journey with today’s generation which have not had the same faith formation as previous generations (as we can see by the missing generations in Sunday assemblies);
  • The need to welcome couples who are not married for a variety of reasons (precarious employment, their financial situation, or those who are just now being evangelized or are exploring the ideal of a Christian life);
  • The need to modernize music at Mass and to make our Eucharistic celebrations more dynamic for today’s generation;
  • The need to use social media, and to make concrete steps toward Christian unity;
  • The need to explore new approaches for the faith formation of children to nurture Christians for tomorrow;
  • The need to consider the question of married priests and the ordination of women.

Do you want to have a say?
The Vatican has an on-line survey aimed at young people throughout the world from 16 to 29 years of age —to provide you with the opportunity to communicate, express and recount who you are and what you want to say about yourself.  Take the time to fill out the survey and share it widely with friends and family members. Make your voice heard! Your opinion matters.  Responses to the on-line questionnaire must be submitted by November 30, 2017.