Diocesan pastoral priority


Diocesan pastoral priority

A diocesan priority is a theme proposed to all the parishes and parishioners of the diocese.  Since 2014, and for the next few years, the Diocese of Gatineau has adopted a twofold theme:

Free the Gifts, Share the Word.

This theme was develped by the diocesan team following the pastoral visit to all the parishes by Bishop Durocher from 2011 to 2013. Our bishop noticed that two questions kept coming up in his conversations with parishioners:

  1. How can we make sure new members will take responsibility for our parish projects and services?
  2. How do we hand on the faith to new generations?


The first part of the theme answers the first question by inviting us to develop attitudes that will favour commitment in the Church among our brothers and sisters.  We have decided to dedicate one year to each of the following four attitudes:

2014-2015 – Welcoming (Workshop I,Workshop II,Workshop III,Workshop IV)

2015-2016 – Affirming (Workshop I,WorkshopII, Workshop III )

2016-2017 – Accompanying

2017-2018 — Inviting


The second part of the theme proposes an exploration of the essential path in response to the second question: sharing the Word of God.  That path will be carefully studied over the next  few years.

The diocesan pastoral council dedicates its time and energy to elaborating and ensuring the implementation of the pastoral priority.

We invite you to familiarize yourselves with the diocesan priority by consulting the following links, and by participating in the many activities announced on this page.