Christ, Us, Our Communities, Our Neighbourhoods

A Diocesan Synodal Process for 2018–2019


The Archdiocese of Gatineau has set out on a 15-month synodal process, starting in October 2018. A synod is a time of walking together, listening to one another, and prayerfully discerning a way forward.  The purpose of this process is to set out an action plan that will guide us for the coming years.  The synodal process will take place in three phases, between October 2018 and December 2019, using the process of “see, judge, act”. To act appropriately, we first need to make good judgements.  To make good judgements, we need to make sure that we see clearly what is before us.  Our synodal process follows these three phases:

  1. Autumn 2018 – a time to “see”, through an on-line questionnaire, focus groups with specific groups, and facilitated discussions in each parish.  This will lead to a report that describes our current situation and identifies issues and questions.
  2. Spring 2019 - a time to “judge”, to reflect together on these issues and questions, and to develop possible options for the future.  This will lead to the publication of a document in June 2019 which outlines issues and options
  3. Autumn 2019 – a time to “act”, diocesan meetings will be held to discuss options for action.  By Christmas 2019, we will publish the final document that will determine the priorities and actions required both at parish and diocesan levels.

Find out more in the pastoral letter of Archbishop Paul-André Durocher, Christ, Us, Our Communities, Our Neighbourhoods A Diocesan Synodal Process for 2018–2019 .


How can I get involved?

In this first stage, it is important for us to hear from as many people as possible.  We encourage you to participate in the meeting of parishioners in your parish.  We have also developed a questionnaire to hear parishioners as well as the wider population.  We need your help to reach out to those who, for whatever reason, are not regular parishioners.  This is a chance for them to be heard.  Please share the on-line questionnaire with friends and family members.



Your feedback and questions are important to us.  You can write to us at


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