The Sacrament Of Matrimony



Are marriage preparation sessions still valid today?


The origins of marriage preparation courses go back to 1930.  Since then, the contents of the courses have evolved a lot.  Today, it is more based on meetings with those who want to get married, where themes concerning married life, as well as the Christian aspect of the celebration, are discussed.  Many couples still want to get married in a church.  Why?  What faith animates them?

Guest: Mrs. Hélène Lussier, pastoral agent, and responsible for ministry among couples, in the diocese of St-Hyacinthe, since 1994.  Mrs. Lussier is completing a Masters’ degree in Practical Theology at the Pastoral Institute in Montreal.  A mother and a grandmother, she has been married for 37 years.

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Heading towards Marriage

You love each other, you have decided, or are thinking about, getting married in a church.


Marriage, a love project for life

The Center for Family Services is offering a marriage preparation service in French for the dioceses of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Sessions de préparation au mariage chrétien 2020


Session de préparation au mariage chrétien

PACEM Pour l’Accompagnement des Couples et leur Engagement dans le Mariage